What We do?

With HGA’s aggressive negotiations, Advertising on TV is still the most inexpensive way to reach the widest audience of any medium. When you advertise on TV you are giving your business credibility and letting consumers know that you’re a solid, successful company. Our creative team can concept, script, shoot, and edit a professional, impressive, successful TV spot for you.
Radio can be a powerful form of advertising, but it can be a tricky medium for a novice. We will reach your targeted demographic and not only choose the most cost effective radio station, but what time of day your ads should run. We’ve found a blend of multiple media makes radio even that more powerful. For example, a client that runs on TV or in print creates a visual for the consumer that when paired with hearing a radio spot then triggers that visual in the consumers mind. Radio is a great way to drive immediate sales when people are in their cars and can act now.
Media consumption has evolved and so have we. Research has shown people watching TV are multi-tasking with a laptop or mobile device. HGA is an expert in traditional media buying, but we are also know how to integrate digital marketing into your advertising plan. Traditional media placement combined with a digital campaign produces full coverage of your target market.
Our creative team offers years of experience, and the ability to bring your print piece to life! Whatever your visual material is our creative team will put together an effective design and message for you.
Outdoor Advertising has the advantage of frequency. Consumers will see your ad every time they are exposed to it and it is ideal as they travel the same routes or frequent the same locations daily. Customers are more likely to remember a product they are exposed to every day.
We have over 28 years producing TV commercials for hundreds of different companies. By keeping ourselves small and our overhead low, we can produce outstanding TV commercials and videos at an extremely competitive rate allowing your budget to go further. Remember, you can run thousands of TV commercials a month (many of our clients do by the way because of our incredible buying power) but with poor commercial production or the wrong message, you can actually hurt your sales. We’ll get the message right and with our in-house production have the ability to change or tweak the message quickly.

What Makes us Different?

We pride ourselves with the ability to do great work in today’s market. But that alone isn’t what makes us different. Ask any one of our happy clients and they’ll tell you when we say we are all about building relationships in the process of doing great work, we mean it. The better we communicate, the more we both understand. In turn it makes for a better relationship and in the end will be better results. Our belief is every client should be treated with respect no matter the size or budget. We embrace open communication and commit ourselves to the highest level of service. From our amazing team here at HGA to our partnership with media stations and our valued clients, the key to success with our business will always be people and the relationships we have with everyone.